The Halloween Method- How to Use Bonuses to Drive Leads

Let me start this Halloween Method Review by saying that this product has nothing to do with Halloween. I really think that vendors do themselves a dis-service when they try to be cutesy in their product naming. Naming silliness aside, the Halloween Method is a great tool to help anyone in affiliate marketing.

The Halloween Method

I think that the main appeal of this product will be for people who want to have a quality item that they can giveaway to people. Not just 1 product, but the Halloween Method is loaded with 35 different programs. Now these are all different products covering a variety of affiliate marketing and internet marketing topics, including how to drive traffic to your website and how to build your email list. In fact, if building your email list is one of your top prioritizes, then The Halloween Method is perfect for you. Essentially it gives you the ability to give away these 35 products to people as a gift. Or, sell and make money yourself. You decide which angle is best for you.

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