Viddyoze Review-How to Make 3D Animated Videos

Viddyoze is a 3D video animation software that allows you to create cool intros, outros and live action videos that you can make in a matter of minutes. This is a cloud based platform, so there’s no software to download. Simply pick the template you like, add an image/logo, add any text, choose the audio track you’d like on it and just like that you have a professional video that will make you stand out.

Here’s a look at my review video, that includes a couple of clips that I created myself using Viddyoze.

You can see from my video that I created a couple of really quick and easy videos. The intro to the video, the paper roll with the lamb and then the outro with the subscribe call to action at the end. All 3 of these short videos took me just a minute or two to create. So if you wanted to make a lot of money with this, you could create gigs on Fiverr and be able to generate videos quickly using Viddoyze templates.

Viddyoze is actually not a new product. It has been around since 2015, so it has a proven track record in the industry and is actually used by quite a few big companies. Here are some of the testimonials from people who have been using this product.

Viddyoze Testimonials

The pricing for Viddyoze is $47 for the personal license and $67 for the commercial license. So for $67 you could start your own Video animation business and get a return on your investment with just 1 or 2 gigs. Now if you plan on really scaling the business with this or you want to create more elaborate videos with it, then you’ll probably want to look at the template club or the agency license. Now this is where it gets a lot more expensive, but obviously this is only for people who are truly using this at a professional level to make videos for clients, so the monthly investment would just be a part of doing business and you’d still get a great return on your investment. For regular folks like me who just want to create cool intros to their videos, then the $47 or $67 copies of the product is all you need.

As you can see by my 4.5 star rating, I really like Viddyoze. It’s fun, easy and I think that for someone who makes videos on a regular basis, this product is a good investment. 

As a thank you for purchasing through my link below, I have put together some awesome bonuses that really compliment Viddyoze and will help you monetize your purchase. These bonuses are on top of the vendor bonuses offered and all of these bonuses will appear in your member area after purchasing. 

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