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Hi and thanks for dropping by. I’m Kristen and I’ve been working online since 2009. Early on I got caught in the trap that so many people fall into. Analysis paralysis and spending too much money on shiny, new products. But when I stopped doing that I started seeing results! I will always tell it like it is when reviewing something. I think that when you work with honesty and integrity you can always be proud of what you’ve done. So follow along on my journey and I hope I can help you with your online business.

As you can tell by my picture, one of the benefits of being your own boss and working from home is that your “office” can be any place you want. For me, my preferred spot is curled up on the couch with my dog close by and the TV on in the background. Of course I could just have easily chosen a picture with my 3 kids bouncing all over my desk (aka couch) and the challenges of juggling it all. Either way, I am blessed to have the freedom to work where, when and how I want. Wishing you the same success!

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